Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Line 'Em Up

Crow is Walking

Crow is walking to see things at ground level,
the ground as new under his feet as the air is old under his wings.
He laves the dead rabbit waiting
it's a given, it'll always be there
and walks down the dirt road,
admires the pebbles, how they sparkle in the sun;
checks out his reflection in a puddle full of sky
which reminds him of where he's supposed to be,
but he's beginning to like the way the muscles move in his legs
and the way his wings feel so comfortable folded back and resting.
He thinks he might be beautiful,
the sun lighting his back with purple and green.
Faint voices from somewhere far ahead roll like dust down the road towards him.
He hurries a little.
His tongue moves in his mouth;
legends of language move in his mind.
His beak opens.
He tries a word.

-- Grace Butcherfrom Poetry , 2000."Vermin"

The line breaks I choose for my poem creates poetic effect by allowing the ideas to continue to flow. Every action I choose to do a line break and every specfic detail I included a line break. The line break shows that each action or detail is important and not just thrown into a poem. It creates meaning because its like giving step by step directions somewhere and each step develops what the poem is trying to convey. In the "Crow is Walking" the poem creates a step by step examination of how the crow lives its everyday life.

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